When you start googling things that can help you get pregnant, you get drawn into a rabbit hole. Forums where everyone is telling you all the things that helped them get pregnant, therapies that work, recipes that will make you more fertile, it makes your brain explode.

Take a deep breath, grab a pen and paper and work through these three steps to beat that fertility overwhelm and take back control.

Cut through all the crap online and find out what’s going to work for you.

I get so easily overwhelmed. When I have too many tasks, my brain cannot take it and it becomes paralysed with indecision. What do I do first? Am I doing enough? Ooooh what about that shiny thing over there, maybe that will help too? If you feel anything like this, then you are going to love these steps.

Step 1 – Plan your goals

Obviously your big goal is to get pregnant but that is unfortunately out of your hands. There are a lot of things, however, that you can do to get you closer to it and help your body out.

Think about what’s stopping you from getting pregnant? What blocks do you have? If there is nothing physical (hello unexplained infertility), are there any reasons why you don’t feel ready to get pregnant or any you going through any particularly stressful times?

Deciding on a goal that you can achieve is a fantastic way to keep you motivated on your journey to a healthier body and mind.

Step 2 – Listen

It’s tempting to fall into the mindset of do, do, do. You must take this supplement, do this exercise, eat this food, try this therapy. Have you ever taken any time to listen?

Your body is an incredible organism. If you think about the trillion different actions that happen every minute for you to breathe, digest food, even think. It blows my mind.

If we stop and listen for a little while, our bodies will help us. Do you have any random aches and pains, that you’ve put down to an old sporting injury, do you get hot flushes right before your period each month, do you get funny tummy every time you eat bread?

All these signs and symptoms are your body flagging up that something isn’t quite right. The great news is you don’t need a pill for all these niggles, by looking for patterns and noticing the cause of these issues, you can correct them all by yourself with food, better sleep, movement and environment. All you have to do is listen.

Step 3 – Teeny, tiny steps

Once you have planned your goals and listened to what your body is telling you, take action. Not big, life-changing action. I’m talking about teeny, tiny steps you can take each and every day.

Break down your goal into an everyday action so small that it’s almost too easy to do every day. If your goal is to hydrate, your tiny goal is to drink one glass of water. Easy right? I know it sounds too simple, but once your focus is on your goal, you will naturally exceed your goal.

The main benefit of this is being able to celebrate your victory every single day. It will boost your mood, reduce your stress and give you back control of your life.

If you want an easy way to work through these steps, download my free mini journal. The journal will walk you through how to set your goals and seven days of guidance learning how to listen to your body. You also have a habit tracker to mark off your teeny tiny steps.

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