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Saving your sanity over the festive season

Are you excited about the festive period? Are you counting down the days to Christmas or does the thought of the whole season bring you out in a hot flush? Three key steps to surviving Christmas and staying sane over the festive period when you are trying to get...

How fertile are your thoughts?

How fertile are your thoughts?

When I started studying fertility and natural health, I had no idea what mindset was. For me, thoughts were just the crazy never ending monologue of my life. They came and went of their own accord and I accepted that's how things were. When I started training to be a...

Hello lovely

I’m Nicola and these are my two boys, Sebby and Isaac, both of which I never thought I would be able to conceive. My super power is helping women who are struggling, find easy steps to a healthier, happier and more fertile version of themselves.

If you are struggling to find a clear path on your fertility journey, book a free 30 minute goal planning session with me. Together we will uncover tiny steps for you to take that will have the biggest impact on your fertility health.

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Charting your fertility is the most important thing you can do when getting pregnant.

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