Are you excited about the festive period? Are you counting down the days to Christmas or does the thought of the whole season bring you out in a hot flush?

Three key steps to surviving Christmas and staying sane over the festive period when you are trying to get pregnant.

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year, I adore picking the perfect pressie, decking the halls and counting down the sleeps, but when you are trying to get pregnant all this excitement can be overshadowed by the stress of making positive decisions around your health and combating other people’s invasive questions.

But don’t worry I’m here to help. We’ll cover the three main areas that can cause you stress over Christmas and New Year and a simple strategy to reduce the stress and help you relax and actually enjoy yourself.

Step 1: Be intentional with food

In the festive season, food will be everywhere, in the office, at every house you visit, stacked up to the ceiling in the supermarket. Whatever your usual diet looks like, chances are that you might be tempted to eat very differently.

My tip around food is to be intentional around the food you eat. Instead of scoffing the crappy chocolates in the kitchen at work, treat yourself to your favourite chocolates that you can really enjoy. Instead of eating ALL the food at Christmas, eat the food that you love, and really enjoy it. By choosing what you eat, you can stay in control and relax a bit more around food.

Step 2: Be prepared around alcohol

It’s your choice whether you have a drink or not over Christmas. I know some people advice to avoid alcohol completely but it’s fine to relax a little around alcohol. The easiest way to relax around it is to be prepared and make a decision around if you want to drink or not. If you do, great—have a fab time.

If not, that’s great too. You can reduce any potential anxiety or stress by having an excuse ready in case anyone asks. Things like having an important meeting the next day or a December detox can do the trick.

Step 3: Family and friends

It’s a wonderful time to catch up with friends and family but sometimes difficult questions can follow. Have a few conversation changers at hand so that it doesn’t phase you. Quickly change the subject round to them to avoid having to answer the well-meaning yet wildly inappropriate questions about your personal life.

If you do get stressed or anxious at any point, pop to the toilet and have a few deep breaths. There is also a great guided meditation app called Hear and Now if you need a helping hand.

Have a fab Christmas and New Year!

If you need any support over the holidays, email me and I’ll get back to you with a big virtual hug.

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