If you have been tracking your fertile window, you will hopefully now have some useful information about what’s going on with your hormones. In part 2, we looked at what this information means and some specific tips to try and shift some common problems.

If you want to make some general improvements to your hormonal health, here are my top tips. We all know we should be doing these anyway but they will have a positive impact on your fertile health so make the change today!

Make sure you are getting enough sleep.

Sleep is so important for your body to function correctly. Ensure that you are getting at least 8 hours of good quality sleep. If you struggle to get to sleep, try implementing a bedtime routine. 30 minutes before bed switch off all electronic devices and use this time for relaxing activities such as taking a bath, reading or journalling.

Stay hydrated.

Try to drink at least 2l of water each day to ensure your body is fully hydrated and able to remove toxins efficiently in your urine. If possible, try to drink filtered or bottled water, as your tap water may contain high levels of hormones, which will disrupt your own hormone balance.

Take a good quality multi-vitamin.

In an ideal world we would get all the nutrients from the food we eat. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible, so taking a good quality multi-vitamin is a great way to ensure your body is getting all the minerals and vitamins it needs. I would also recommend taking an extra vitamin D supplement and essential fatty acids.

Move your body.

Exercise is fantastic at encouraging the body to regulate all its functions. Do exercise you love and find the right balance between not putting excess stress on the body but still feeling great. A half an hour walk is a fantastic way to get started.

Ensure your diet contains plenty of vegetables, good quality fats and protein. Stick to real foods where possible and enjoy full-fat products such as whole milk, eggs and butter. If your great-grandma wouldn’t recognise it as a food, steer clear.

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