What Your Body Really Wants During Your Time of the Month

It’s almost a rule written in the book of How To Be a Woman that when it comes to a certain time of the month for women, it’s time to tear open those bars of chocolate secretly stashed away for emergency, or it’s time to crack open that tub of ice cream at the back of the freezer. How can we resist these sugary, fatty treats when our body is pretty much craving anything remotely indulgent. It’s even worse for ladies with hormone issues, particularly PCOS, as it’s been drilled into our brains now that foods on the more sugary side of the spectrum are a complete write off as they seriously affect hormone regulation. In fact, a lot of the cravings we experience during our period are actually misread – our body isn’t in fact craving our body weight in Maltesers, we’re actually craving far more nutritionally dense foods. Don’t know where to start? Let me help…

Spinach, Kale and Other Leafy Greens

Obviously, when you’re feeling cranky, emotional and just a bit all over the place, the last thing your mind wants you to do is eat mountains of kale or spinach. However these leafy greens are bursting full of iron, amongst other nutrients, which is essential whilst on your period. If you suffer from heavier periods too, which can suggest a slight iron deficiency, ensuring your diet is full of iron is essential. Kale is also full of Calcium, which can significantly decrease your PMS symptoms and cramps. Try a Thai inspired kale salad or blitz your greens into a green smoothie bowl.

Fats and Omega-3

Any excuse for a good spooning of Almond Butter is always a good thing, right? Your body definitely needs fat in your diet, as fat helps to balance hormones. So, rather than digging into a huge tub of creamy ice cream, opt for nut butters, nuts, avocados, olive oil and seeds. Try smashed avocado on sourdough with a sprinkling of seeds, or perhaps an almond butter and cacao smoothie – add in an avocado for a really creamy and seriously filling smoothie.


It’s got to be a great day when chocolate is given the a-ok to eat whilst on your period. However, it’s dark chocolate rather than sugar laden milk chocolate, that you need to be munching on. When you’re feeling low, or when you’re having that day when everything brings you borderline on the verge of tears, you need to eat dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is proven to release polyphenols which boosts your mood. A square or two of good quality, dark chocolate should be enough and the darker you go, the better.

Why not try…

– A Thai inspired, salmon stir fry with kale, tender stem broccoli, cashew nuts and courgette noodles.

– A piece of dark chocolate with a dollop of nut butter smeared on top.

– Smoked salmon/poached eggs and avocado on rye bread.


– Anything processed and sugary laden – this will only worsen those hormonal spots that have sprouted all over, and will leave you feeling grumpier and hungrier, meaning you eat more.

You want to restore a balance in your body, so stick to a low sugar, high protein and high fat diet to avoid any spikes in your blood sugar levels.

About Lucy:

She's So Lucy ProfileLucy is the founder of the healthy lifestyle and beauty blog www.shessolucy.com – Green smoothie in one hand, a glass of Prosecco in the other….

She’s So Lucy focuses on living a balanced, healthy lifestyle with delicious and nutritious foods, and enjoying indulgences too. Lucy also adores all things to do with beauty and skincare, so there is plenty of tips, reviews and discussions about modern beauty on She’s So Lucy too. Lucy’s aim is to share with the world how simple it is to live a healthier lifestyle in order for your health, wellbeing, mind, skin and beauty to glow with the results. 

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