You know, that one sign that tells you you’ve had too many late nights, worked too many weekends and not taken a real holiday in 3 years.

Stop burnout in its tracks before it gets out of hand.

Mine normally starts when I’m walking down the stairs. My right knee starts to creak a bit, feel a bit stingy then completely gives way. Sometimes that’s the first sign I notice that I’ve been doing too much and not looking after myself.

It’s not normally the first sign my body gives me, but I’m so busy that I completely ignore it until my body is yelling at me!

I’m going to show you how to stop it before it gets that bad. Before the aches, headaches and twitchy eyes start!

Knowing when your body is tired and stressed is the first step to getting back to full and fertile health.

1. If you don’t know your key signs of stress, journal it. You can get a free 7-day version on my journal to download HERE.

2. Once you’ve got some info to look at in your journal, start with the obvious. When do you know you were stressed? E.g. after a busy day of work, important meeting, difficult conversation etc. What did you write down during and after this occurred? Aches and pains? Headaches? Moodiness? Bad night sleep? Funny poo? All these and more can be your body’s way of telling you to slow down.

3. Create a toolkit. Think of some small things that will help in the moment. These could be anything from 5 minutes of breathing in the toilet, a quick walk around the block, a cup of chamomile tea, whatever helps you relax. Make a list of these in a note on your phone.

4. As soon as you experience your stress signs, check your list and pick one that feels good for now.

By catching it early you will stop it getting worse and causing other problems like an impaired immune system and problems with your digestion.

Download your free 7 day journal by clicking the button below, so that you can catch the burnout before it gets bad!

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